Riese aquatic weed removal

Do you live on a lake or pond with an excess amount of seaweed, algae, or invasive aquatic plants? Riese aquatics is here to help. We specialize in aquatic plant removal. We remove plants by the root by using Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) allowing for invasive plant control without the use of chemicals. This seaweed removal technique is ranked number one for aquatic invasive plant management while improving the ecosystem’s health. 

Check out our before and after pictures below!

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We remove nuisance vegetation like these lily pads from boating areas. Our service manually removes the plants by the root, ensuring the longest lasting treatment!

Before and after photos of our shoreline cleaning, once we have removed the submergent vegetation from your waterfront, we will clean the debris from your shoreline!

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Riese Aquatics DASH Video

This is a short video demonstrating how our DASH service removes aquatic vegetation in Wisconsin. 

Our Mission:

Provide our customers with the best quality DASH service in Southern Wisconsin, while ensuring proper knowledge and handling of aquatic invasive species. 

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With our custom built harvesting boat, we will provide you with the hardest working DASH service in Southern WI.

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We are eager to improve the health and appearance of your  waters!

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