Riese aquatic weed removal

Do you live on a lake or pond with an excess amount of seaweed, algae, or invasive aquatic plants? Riese aquatics is here to help. We specialize in aquatic plant removal. We remove plants by the root by using Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH). This allows for invasive plant control without the use of chemicals. This seaweed removal technique is ranked number one for aquatic invasive plant management while improving the ecosystem’s health. 

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We specialize in invasive seaweed removal and dredging in Wisconsin. We focus specifically on the removal of algae, sediment, emergent vegetation, sub-emergent vegetation, and floating leaf plants. We have the ability to perform various dredging activities like hydraulic dredging via excavator and suction dredging with our DASH harvesters and brand new Truxor T30! 

Algae Removal 

Agriculture has been increasing the amount of fertilizers used on crops. When it rains the run off carries excess nutrients into lakes and ponds, this gives the perfect remedy for algae to prosper. The algae can overgrow on the tops of water, removing sunlight from plants below and creating regions of water with no oxygen. This kills sections of the ecosystem and is very detrimental to fish and native plant species. Riese aquatics gives you the opportunity to remove algae without chemicals and increase the value of your lake or pond while making the ecosystem healthier! 

Floating Leaf Removal 

Leaves can fall on the tops of lakes and ponds eventually sinking and creating an excess of nutrients and organic matter for the following year. The increase in organic matter can influence algae blooms the next year. By removing leaves from the top or bottom of lakes and ponds algae blooms can be significantly reduced. 

Invasive Species Vegetation 

The way Riese Aquatics removes weeds allows for the removal of specific invasive species and not other native species. This is essential to the environment because the amount of invasive species has been increasing, causing other native species to go extinct. Often this is caused by human influence. Check out how to reduce your chance of spreading here! 

Emergent and Sub-emergent Vegetation

Sometimes certain aquatic weeds flourish in one area creating a flaw in your summer plans! Riese aquatic can remove these weeds no problem. By using us your water will stay clear of weeds longer than any other type of removal, including chemical and cutting. It will also keep you safer than the use of chemicals!